Rob Schneider supports RFK Jr. for president, says Dems are party of 'forever wars and censorship'

Actor-comedian tells 'Fox & Friends First' Americans don't want a Biden-Trump rematch

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider joined "Fox & Friends First" to discuss why he is supporting independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Schneider described Kennedy as a friend who he believes is talking about the things that matter to the American public. 

Schneider discussed why health care is one of the top reasons he is supporting Kennedy. 

"We spent five times more than they do in Europe for health care. And we have way worse results. We can't have 60% of the American population, unhealthy, 54% of children. That needs to be the biggest story for you guys in all mass media. The fact that children have chronic illness at over 50%, that's a 10-12 year old statistic. So we have to get people healthy."


 ‘The Five’: RFK Jr. says Joe Biden is bigger threat to democracyVideo

Schneider added that instead of sending more money to Ukraine and getting involved in "forever wars," politicians need to focus on homelessness and "get people healthy." 

"He's talking about things that really matter," said Schneider. He added that people are getting tired of being offered the same thing, referring to the upcoming rematch between President Biden and former President Trump.

"Its entrenched power. And right now the Democrats have the entrenched power," said Schneider.

"The Democrats now suddenly turned out to not be the party of the people. Now that is the party of forever wars and the party of censorship. And there's direct proof now, thanks to Elon Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion, a nice little thing to do on a weekend, is that you can see that there's actual talk about collusion with Russia. We have collusion, First Amendment. And of course the Justice Department did nothing about it. But there's proof that the United States government colluded and told social media what they wanted to do. And that's a direct violation of Americans' First amendment rights."

biden and rfk jr

President Biden (left) and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (right). ((Fox News/Getty Images))

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s recent running mate announcement sparked an onslaught of attacks and a reported internal "freak out" from the once-friendly Democratic Party against what experts told Fox News Digital is the party's "worst nightmare."

"Only in the new Socialist Democratic Party, they should change their name to reflect who they really are now, would the son of Robert F Kennedy and nephew of Democrat icon JFK be forced from the party that has used their name for decades, all because he had the gall to point out the obvious, Joe Biden is not prepared to lead this country for four more years," Republican strategist and The Vogel Group principal Matt Keelen told Fox News Digital. 

"Anyone with eyes knows that as a fact."

Kennedy, from one of the most recognizable and beloved Democrat families in American history, has found himself one of the most popular targets of the left after announcing his candidacy for president. Less than two weeks ago, Kennedy announced that tech entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan would be his running mate, sparking a call hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that many saw as an indicator the party was in panic mode.

"We are doing everything in our power to get President Biden and Vice President Harris re-elected. It's critical that we take seriously every possible obstacle to that goal. And let me be clear, that's exactly what Robert F. Kennedy is in this election. He's a spoiler," Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Austin Davis said on the call. 

RFK Jr. argues Biden is 'much worse' for democracy than Trump

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