NO GRACIAS British tourists fuming over new £97 ‘daily rule’ in Spain as they threaten to boycott holiday hotspot

BRITISH holidaymakers are up in arms and threatening to boycott Spain over a new "£97 rule" they need to follow to visit.

The newly-introduced rule means each individual tourist must now prove they have the cash on hand every day of their holiday stay.

Brit holiday makers are furious about a new rule that was introduced in Spain
Brit holiday makers are furious about a new rule that was introduced in SpainCredit: Getty

British tourists have flocked to social media to express their fury over the new border regulations - with some even vowing to "boycott" the country, Birmingham Live reports.

One person wrote: "If the country would stand together and boycott Spain in favour of other Mediterranean countries, within three months they would be begging us to come back.

"17 million visitors is a lot of money to the Spanish economy."

A second agreed: "Stop going they'll soon stop it. Simple. There's bags of other places, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Italy you name it."All cheaper too."

A third said: "Another Mediterranean country tried to move away from tourism.

"They forgot how much tourism contributed to the economy."

Another questioned: "Why not take it to a country where you are welcome and not just your money? Vote with your wallet."Spain will get the message, even if by then you've discovered better places and never return to Spain."

A fourth said: "So many valid points in the comments however it’s very unfair to judge a nation as a whole."The UK Foreign Office issued a warning about the additional border checks to sunseeking Britons planning on heading to the mainland and the Canary and Balearic islands.

Under the new border regulations, British holidaymakers must prove they have at least €113.40, or £97, per person - and they will need to show two additional documents.

A family of four staying a week in Spain will have to prove that they have at least £2,716 on hand, according to the Spanish government.

It is just one of a set of rules impacting UK tourists travelling to countries in the European Schengen area that have come into place since Britain left the EU.

The Foreign Office warned UK travellers: "If you enter the Schengen area as a tourist, you may need to provide additional documents at the border.

"As well as a valid return or onward ticket, when travelling to Spain you could be asked to show you have enough money for your stay."

Spanish officials may also require that UK travellers provide them with "proof of accommodation for your stay, for example a hotel booking confirmation, proof of address if visiting your own property (such as second home) (or) an invitation or proof of address if staying with a third party, friends or family".

A "carta de invitation" completed by travellers' hosts may be provided as proof of accommodation.


Earlier this month, new rules saw water consumption limited on the Costa del Sol amid an ongoing drought.

Water supplies in some areas were switched off overnight while Junta de Andalucia introduced a limit on filling up private pools and garden watering.

Tourism operators were reportedly concerned the strict measures would deter people from visiting the area.

It came as local authorities called for stricter nightlife restrictions that would have bars and restaurants close earlier.

And in January, The Sun revealed tourists could be slapped with a huge fine for taking a selfie in holiday hotspots.

Local authorities in busy tourist spots - such as Positano and the Amalfi Coast in Italy - have imposed fines where people obstructed human traffic to take a selfie.Taking a selfie in a crowded spot in Positano could now come at a cost of 275 euros (£236), according to travel experts at eShores.

It will see tourists have to prove they have at least £97 to spend each day
It will see tourists have to prove they have at least £97 to spend each day

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