MSNBC Interviews Convicted Felon Michael Avenatti From Prison About Trump Trial

MSNBC interviewed incarcerated convicted felon Michael Avenatti on Tuesday to get his thoughts about former President Donald Trump’s forthcoming criminal trial in Manhattan.

The former lawyer, who is serving nearly two decades behind bars for extortion, fraud, obstruction, and identity theft, said that he does not think that Trump will get a fair shake in his trial where he faces 34 felony counts.

“Michael, have you been in touch with D.A. Bragg’s office?” asked MSNBC’s Ari Melber. “And what specifically in evidence or logic do you think is wrong with this case?”

“I’m going to decline to answer as to whether I’ve been in touch with either the defense or the D.A.s office,” Avenatti answered. “But let me say this in response to the second part of your question — I think the case has a lot of problems. I don’t mean to suggest that means that Trump will not be convicted because I think he will be convicted because number one, he’s a criminal defendant in our society. I don’t believe criminal defendants generally get a fair shake.”

“I don’t think that he can get a fair trial in New York,” he continued. “And to the people who claim that in fact, he can get a fair trial in New York with a New York jury, I would ask them, if they were to go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow and find out that the case had been moved to Mississippi or Alabama, would they still think the trial was going to be fair?”

“And I think if they were being honest, they would answer no,” he added. “So, I don’t think he can get a fair trial in New York.”

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