Michael Avenatti defends Trump as 'victim' in hush money case, says he's being targete

Michael Avenatti, the one-time "most dangerous enemy" of Donald Trump who liberals hoped would bring down his presidency, thinks the hush money case against him in New York is flawed, politically motivated and part of a wider anti-democratic effort to take 2024 out of the voters' hands.

And to prove his point, consider the source, Avenatti told Fox News Digital in a phone interview from federal prison.

"I certainly see him as a victim of the system," he said. "And that's something that I never thought I would say. So if Michael Avenatti is coming to his defense, and I was one of his staunchest opponents for a very significant period of time, that should tell people something."

The disgraced former attorney for Stormy Daniels, who once flirted with a White House run himself before his multiple criminal convictions, thinks the four separate criminal cases Trump is facing as he runs for president in 2024 are "absolute overkill" and an effort to keep the American people from having their say between him and President Biden.

"You've got a group of individuals in the United States who have decided that they know better as to who should be the next president, and they've decided that they don't want to leave it to quote, the little guy, close quote," he said of the various cases against Trump. "So they're going to take matters into their own hands to prevent those people from being heard, and I am deeply disturbed and disgusted by it."

If you believe in democracy, he says, "this should be settled at the ballot box." Trump is also facing charges on Georgia election interference, federal election interference and mishandling of classified documents.

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