MANIFESTO PLEDGE Rishi Sunak vows to keep the two child benefit cap in his mission to curb Britain’s eye-watering welfare bill

THE TORIES will keep the two child benefit cap if they win the next election, Rishi Sunak has revealed.

The policy - which limits the benefits that parents on Universal Credit can get for their kids - will be in the Conservative Party’s election manifesto.

Rishi Sunak has vowed to keep the two child benefit cap
Rishi Sunak has vowed to keep the two child benefit capCredit: Getty

Mr Sunak has vowed to get tough on Britain’s ballooning benefits bill.

Writing in today’s The Sun on Sunday, he said: “Working families do not see their incomes rise when they have more children. 

“Families on benefits should be asked to make the same financial decisions as those supporting themselves solely through work.”

Talking about his wider mission to bring down the benefits bill, Rishi added: “There is nothing compassionate about consigning people who could work to a life trapped on benefits. 

We will change the system so that we are giving people a hand up rather than a hand-out.”

Charities and many MPs on the Labour left have called for the two child benefit cap to be lifted.

Brits have grown hooked on welfare and benefits since Covid pandemic, stats suggest.

A staggering 2.8 million adults are now on long term sick - the highest number in British history.This has sent the benefits bill soaring. 

Cash spent on benefits for Brits of working age with a health condition or disability has ballooned from £42.3 billion in 2019 to £69 billion this year.

Mr Sunak is making his pledge to get Brits back to work and bring down the eye watering costs of welfare, a key election battle ground.

The two child benefit rule was introduced in 2017. 

It would cost an estimated £1.5bn to lift it.

The pledge is only the second Tory manifesto pledge to be made public. They have also committed to keeping the triple lock on pensions.

Labour will be under massive pressure to say they will also stick to the two child limit rather than whack up taxes to bankroll a bigger benefits bill.

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