Liberal comedian Michael Rapaport tells anti-Israel protesters Trump will win 'because of you'

Anti-Trump comedian predicted 'screaming that you are doing at Jews' on college campuses would help Trump win in November

Far-left comedian and actor Michael Rapaport delivered a stern message to anti-Israel college protesters in a social media post on Monday, warning they would help deliver former President Trump the November election.

In a video posted to X, the staunch Trump critic boldly predicted that Trump would win the election because of the anti-Israel protests that took over Yale and Columbia University campuses over the past week.

"You know what's going to be great?" Rapaport sarcastically remarked. "When d--- stained Donald Trump gets elected — and I ain't saying I'm voting for him — but when he does win, and he's going to win, the screaming and yelling that you f------ p---- a-- blow--- miserable mother f------ on college campuses are doing now, the screaming that you are doing at Jews about, ‘Free Palestine,’ the screaming you are doing at Zionists is nothing compared to the screaming you are going to be doing come November, when d--- stained Donald Trump wins presidency because of you. Because of you."

Dozens of students were arrested and suspended at Yale and Columbia after anti-Israel protesters set up encampments on campus in the past week.


Rapaport on campus protesters

Liberal comedian Michael Rapaport claimed anti-Israel protesters on college campuses would help Donald Trump win in November. (Getty Images)

Protesters have called for an intifada and the death of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. One Jewish Columbia University student was told to "kill yourself" and repeatedly kicked in the stomach during the protests, while a Jewish Yale student was reportedly stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag.

The demonstrations highlight the growing problem of antisemitism on campus since the October 7 terror attacks and the frustration many younger voters feel towards the Biden administration over its support for Israel.

Rapaport, who has spent years attacking Trump in expletive-laden rants, said he would put up with the former president getting re-elected if it meant angering anti-Israel activists. 

"It would be worth the screaming, the crying and the yelling. I can't wait to see those f------ protests come November when d--- stained Donald Trump wins because of you f------ little blow jobs," he said, before laughing maniacally. 

"I can't wait!" he added.


Protester at Columbia University

Students at Columbia University returned to the campus’ lawn area on Friday morning to continue their anti-Israel protest and say they will "hold this line" until their demands are met. (FNTV)

Rapaport, who is Jewish himself and a staunch Israel supporter, has previously warned parents to stop "wasting" their money sending their kids to college because of anti-Israel sentiments on campuses.

He has also threatened to vote for Trump in the next election on more than one occasion because of far-left policies souring his views of the Democratic Party.

Last November on an episode of his podcast, Rapaport railed against anti-Jewish hatred in the U.S., warning President Biden to get these protests "under control" or he could lose his vote.

"I’ve had conversations with some of my – if it comes down to pig d--- Donald Trump and Smokin’ Joe Biden, I’m sorry. I am sorry. Voting for pig d--- Donald Trump is on the table. I’m sorry!" he remarked at the time.

He also suggested he was open to voting for Trump because of New York City's soft-on-crime policies after illegal immigrants were initially released after beating up NYPD officers earlier this year

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