‘Legitimately Insane’ Sunny Hostin Mocked For Suggesting Climate Change Behind Solar Eclipse, Earthquakes

Co-hosts on ABC News’ “The View” were forced to correct leftist Sunny Hostin this week after she falsely claimed that climate change caused the solar eclipse on Monday and an earthquake on the East Coast last week.

Hostin made the remarks after co-host Alyssa Farrah Griffin claimed that the epicenter for the earthquake was Bedminster, New Jersey, where former President Donald Trump has a golf club.

“I know, right? I have to say, one of our wonderful makeup artists…when the earthquake was happening, she put her coat on and she was, like, Jesus is coming. I’m out. I’m leaving. We got a solar eclipse. We’ve got an earthquake. She ran down the hallway,” Hostin said in mocking Christians. “The Rapture is here.”

“Also, I learned that the cicadas are coming. For the first time in a hundred years,” she continued. “This is for the first time in many, many years.”

A few moments later, Hostin said: “All those things together, would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists, or something is really going on.”

It was at that point that leftist co-host Joy Behar interjected: “Earthquakes are not at the mercy of climate change. It’s underground.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who is also a leftist, added: “The eclipse, and they’ve known about the eclipse coming because eclipses happen and they actually can say when these things are going to happen.”


Hostin was widely mocked online for her remarks.

“Sunny Hostin is an incredibly stupid person,” said commentator Ian Miles Cheong.

Podcast host Tomi Lahren said, “Maybe the earth is signaling it’s time for Joe Biden to retire.”

“My rule never fails: The dumber a person is, the louder they scream about climate change,” said radio host Gerry Callahan.

“Sunny Hostin is legitimately insane,” added Red State writer Bonchie. “And she’s on national TV.”

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