LAST PLAY Final warning for BBC iPlayer users to watch downloaded shows now as app will close TOMORROW

BBC iPlayer users have been warned to watch any shows downloaded on their app before it closes down on Monday.

The dedicated BBC iPlayer Downloads app will stop working for good on PC and Mac.

Fans of the app are fuming
Fans of the app are fumingCredit: Reuters
Affected users told to use mobile app instead
Affected users told to use mobile app insteadCredit: Alamy

Bosses claim that not many people are using the app anymore so they made the "difficult decision" to pull the plug.

Telly fans can continue to stream programmes as normal from the website but no longer keep them offline.

The app was loved by viewers for moments when they're without Wi-Fi, as well as when they're travelling as iPlayer can't be accessed online while abroad.

So anyone with precious programmes they were hoping to watch at a later date will have to watch them now before it's too late.

The move doesn't affect the iPlayer app on iOS and Android which will still allow offline downloads.

"Such a shame as great utility to have when travelling or in areas without Internet," one user wrote on social media.

Why is the BBC iPlayer Downloads app closing?

Analysis by Jamie Harris, Senior Technology and Science Reporter at The Sun

BBC iPlayer content is available on so many devices these days, including smart TV apps, via Sky and Virgin Media, on Amazon Fire Sticks, as well as phones and tablets.

The broadcaster is under pressure to cut waste and save money - despite a recent TV Licence hike.

According to the BBC, usage of the desktop downloads app is "low" so it's hard to justify the cost of keeping it running.

It's not clear how much the BBC will save from ending the app.

But it's of little comfort to the fee-paying viewers who depend on it.

They've been urged to switch to the iOS or Android app which still allows downloads, though desktop users say they hate the idea of using a smaller screen.

Don't forget, iOS and Android apps aren't just for mobile - they work on tablets as well so if you have one this might be a way to keep downloading without being confined to a tiny screen.

"Trying to plough through iPlayer downloads before the BBC kill the desktop app," another fan said.

The app was yanked earlier this year so no-one could download it again.Now it's the final nail in the coffin as shows that have been downloaded on the app by existing users will no longer play.

"We have made the difficult decision to close the Desktop Downloads app for BBC iPlayer, due to the low number of people using it and the cost required to keep it going," the broadcaster said

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