Judge Walsh Reveals The ‘Genesis’ Of His New Comedy Court Series ‘JUDGED’ In Sit-Down With Charlie Kirk

Matt Walsh, Daily Wire host and now highly respected judge, spoke to conservative commentator Charlie Kirk on Wednesday about the inception of his new show “JUDGED by Matt Walsh” just after the comedy court series dropped its first episode.

Walsh told the Turning Point USA founder that the idea to launch into the courtroom genre came from the “The Matt Walsh Show” host reading the popular “Am I the A**hole” Reddit forums, where users explain a usually uncomfortable scenario they recently went through and ask if they’re in the wrong.

Walsh boasted, “As someone who’s been accused of being judgemental pretty much my entire life, it seemed like a natural career path for me.”

“So how does this work?” Kirk asked of the new show. “Does the local magistrate give you some authority, are you a lawyer, what’s the process here that allows you to be somewhat of a judge?”

“It’s not quite that official,” Walsh replied. “I’m still not quite accepted in the actual legal circles. So these have to be people that come to us, and it’s generally people who would never be allowed to step foot in a real courtroom, and they come to us instead.”

“The real genesis of this is that on my show we used to like to go to the Reddit ‘Am I the A-hole’ forum, where people have their dilemmas wondering if they’re the A-hole or not,” Walsh added. “And so the original idea was like what if we took those cases and on Reddit and did it as a court show?”

The first episode of “JUDGED” started with a bang when the Honorable Judge Walsh oversaw the case of exploding lips on a plane. The case saw Daphne Lewis bring a suit against Tam Taylor regarding a payment dispute over cosmetic products they agreed to purchase together.Lewis told Judge Walsh that she is owed $1,500 for Korean lip filler she ordered for both of them. But Taylor opted to countersue, claiming that her lips literally exploded during a flight at 30,000 feet after getting the injections. Taylor insisted she was owed $5,000 for the medical expenses related to reconstructing her mangled lips.

“JUDGED” premiered on Tuesday night with the first episode now streaming for free on DailyWire+, X, Facebook, and YouTube. Episode 2 is streaming exclusively on DailyWire+ with new episodes dropping Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Non-members can use the code “JUDGED” for 35% off annual memberships.

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