50 potential jurors in Trump trial released after admitting they couldn’t be fair and impartial

At least 50 potential jurors in former president Donald Trump's hush money trial were released Monday after admitting they couldn’t be fair and impartial.

Judge Juan Merchan presiding over the jury selection brought 96 potential jurors into the courtroom to be sworn in for questioning Monday after noon.

The judge told the prospective jurors that his role is to help ensure a fair trial. 

 "You alone are the judgers of the facts…you alone will determine if the defendant is guilty," he said.

He added that the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and that their decision must be guided on “a full and fair evaluation of the evidence.” 

Merchan also said “as judgers of the facts,” the jurors must decide of the witnesses are “truthful and accurate.”

When Merchan asked the group if they could be fair and impartial, over half said no. At least 50 were let go from the jury pool for that reason.

There are a total of 200 possible jurors present at the New York City courthouse.

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