What happened to Bernie Sanders supporters on Super Tuesday in 2020?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., entered the 2020 presidential race with momentum stemming from his 2016 run and early wins, but his Super Tuesday results changed the trajectory of his entire campaign. 

In 2016, while Sanders trailed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he secured wins in several vital states and was expected to perform going into his 2020 campaign.

Sanders nearly tied with Pete Buttigieg for the Iowa 2020 caucus, with a 0.1% difference, the state that used to kick off of the Democrat nomination calendar. Sanders then secured a win in both the New Hampshire and Nevada caucuses. 

In his home state of Vermont, however, where Sanders won 86% of the vote over Hillary Clinton four years prior, the progressive only won 50% of the vote.

While Sanders appeared to be in the run for the Democrat nomination, he did not perform well on Super Tuesday despite major 2016 victories.

Despite Sanders carrying the Super Tuesday states over Clinton in 2016, now-president Biden was named the victor of 10 states on the primary night.

Sanders suspended his campaign just one month later in April.

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