‘Weathering With Grace’ focuses on unwavering faith of communities in face of disasters

Airing at 9 p.m. ET Friday on FOX Weather, this special program highlights resilient communities where unwavering faith put them on a path to recovery.

Anyone who has lived through a natural disaster can attest to the sense of hopelessness that can overwhelm you in the immediate aftermath.

Questions arise about not just your future, but what lies ahead for the place you call home – will things ever return to normal?

In a special airing at 9 p.m. ET on Good Friday, FOX Weather takes a look at communities hit hard by extreme weather and how people who live there say their faith helped put their beloved towns on a path to recovery.

Here’s a closer look at some of the stories being highlighted.

Story of decimated Mayfield has ‘more to come’

In December 2021, a massive tornado tore through the western Kentucky town of Mayfield. The town of about 10,000 people was devastated.

Eric Walker, who attends Christ Methodist Church in Mayfield, said he was shocked to see the destruction of the congregation’s building. He said the future of the town is much more certain two years later.

"Hope springs eternal, and that what we’re going through now, today, is not the end story, that there’s more to come," Walker said.

"It’s disheartening. It’s devastating. It’s destroying, but you’ve got to keep your face up, and you’ve got to have hope, and not give up," said Christ Methodist Church Pastor Mark Stephens.

Nearly 60 people were killed along the entire track of the tornado that stretched from Arkansas to near Ohio.

FOX Weather's Robert Ray returns to Mayfield to see how religious leaders are helping the community heal.

2 Tennessee churches look toward recovery after tornadoes

Community Baptist Church and Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Middle Tennessee were destroyed during a tornado outbreak in December 2023.

"I heard a roar, but I also heard, ‘Not today,’" said an emotional Community Baptist Church Pastor Vincent Johnson, who survived the twister. "Because when I saw the building blew away, I just said, ‘God, this is it,’ and I heard God speak to me and say, ‘Not today.’"

FOX Weather’s Nicole Valdes travels to the hard-hit region to see how unity drives the two churches forward.

Sanibel Island church rebuilds after Hurricane Ian

Sanibel Island, Florida, was one of the places most devastated by the wrath of Hurricane Ian in 2022. Floodwater from storm surge reached as high as 5 feet inside St. Michael’s Church on the island.

"Faith is believing in something that you can’t see, and early on in this process, I couldn’t imagine this being rebuilt the way it was," said Bill Van Oss, the rector of the church.

FOX Weather’s Brandy Campbell travels to Sanibel Island to see how the community has recovered in the storm’s wake.

Massachusetts church destroyed by lightning strike remains resilient

In June 2023, the First Congregational Church in Spencer, Massachusetts, burned to the ground after a lightning strike started a fire at the 160-year-old church.

"We hope to be able to put something here, and there will be something," said Pastor Bruce MacLeod. "It won’t be as grand, but (it) will be a symbol for the community as well.

FOX Weather’s Katie Byrne goes to Spencer to see how the community is rebuilding through hope.

Tune in to FOX Weather at 9 p.m. ET on Good Friday for "Weathering With Grace." You can watch FOX Weather anytime for free at foxweather.com/live, in the FOX Weather app or on your favorite streaming platform.

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