'Republican' 'View' host leads 'four more years' chant for Biden after State of the Union

'Scranton Joe showed up and fought,' co-host Ana Navarro said

"The View" hosts gave President Biden rave reviews for his State of the Union address, with self-proclaimed Republican co-host Ana Navarro even leading the audience in a chant of "four more years!"

While Republicans in Congress panned Biden's "angry" performance, Navarro, a fanatic Biden supporter, said his demeanor showed he was "in charge" and fit for office.

"As you all know, I have been saying for months and months and months that Joe Biden is old. Yes, he’s slower of step, yes, but he is far from being incoherent, from having dementia, from not being in charge. Yesterday, he showed he is engaged. He was impassioned. He was pissed off. Scranton Joe showed up and fought. He had his gloves on from moment one," she applauded.


Ana Navarro reacting to State of the Union

Ana Navarro led a "four more years" chant on "The View" after President Bidens State of the Union address. (The View/screenshot)

Navarro said she found Biden's comments on the border one of his "strongest moments" from the address, as well as his rebuke of former President Trump.

"All I can tell you is that by the time this thing ended, I was in my hotel room like all of those Democrats were there going, ‘Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!’" she said while clapping and leading the audience in a chant.

Co-host Joy Behar briefly joined in before cutting Navarro off in an awkward moment, saying, "Alrighty." 

Navarro has long identified as a Republican, but she holds liberal opinions on nearly every major issue and is a staunch supporter of the Biden administration.

The other co-hosts were equally impressed with the president's performance.

Co-host Sara Haines said she found Biden's message inspiring and unifying. 

"The thing I loved about him was his tone," she praised.


Joe Biden at the State of the Union split image

Joe Biden at the State of the Union split image (Getty Images)

Co-host Sunny Hostin appreciated that Biden brought up the January 6 Capitol riot and said if she were running for president she would bring it up "every single day."

"I also noticed he said ‘future’ twenty times. This is a forward-looking president. He may be 81, but he's looking toward the future," she praised. 

Behar criticized congressional Republicans for not standing up or applauding after Biden raised a number of agenda items during the address, such as "securing the border," "raising taxes on billionaires to lower the national debt," "supporting IVF," "raising teachers' salaries," "halving drug prices, "ending cancer" and "rebuilding poisonous lead pipes."

"Are they pro-brain damage for children?" she sarcastically asked.

Biden's State of the Union was applauded by liberal media outlets and Democrats as proof he was mentally fit for office.

\Liberal-leaning journalists and media personalities also gave President Biden's State of the Union speech high praise, with some claiming that it made his detractors look foolish for voicing concerns over his age. 

Former CNN journalist John Harwood mocked the president's critics for saying they were worried about his vitality.

"[T]hose Dems complaining that Biden lacks vigor and fight getting splash of cold water in the face right now," he wrote, later adding that the "people yapping for so long about Biden not being up to the job look pretty dumb this morning."

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