Maryland governor says 'accountability' needed if individuals found at fault for bridge collapse

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said Wednesday it is too early to say if anyone is at fault for the cargo ship accident that caused the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.

But he added that if anyone is found to be responsible, they must be held accountable.

When asked if those liable should pay to rebuild the bridge, Moore told Fox News' Griff Jenkins, "I think it's too early in the investigation to know that." 

"But the thing that I know is that if people are found to be found to held liable for what happened, there needs to be accountability for that," Moore said.

The Democratic governor, now thrust into the national spotlight by Tuesday's tragedy, said the top priority for his administration is to get the Port of Baltimore reopened and protect the livelihoods of workers who rely on it. 

"The thing that we want to remind people is we have to make sure our workers are protected," Moore said. "They had nothing to do with this. The other thing is we've got to be able to focus and get our economic engine going again. We've got to get that bridge rebuilt and we have to get this this port reopened." 

The governor said rebuilding efforts will be "long" and "complicated," and will require federal assistance. President Biden has pledged emergency funds to Maryland to assist with disaster recovery and called on Congress to pass additional funds. 

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