LAURA: Biden admin's virtue-signaling, weaponization of government agencies is poisonous to public trust

Laura reacts to Maryland's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

Fox News host Laura Ingraham reflects on the lack of public trust following the Baltimore bridge collapse on "The Ingraham Angle." 

LAURA INGRAHAM: Why is it that so many Americans following this collapse believe that the Biden team isn't telling us the whole truth? Axios today, bemoaning the situation, writing that misinformation runs rampant after the Baltimore bridge collapse, theories about whether hostile actors were involved, questions about economic terrorism — and even while there is speculation I won't go into tonight — but these ideas don't spring out of nowhere.  


They grow and they fester in situations where either the facts are hard to square with reality, or where those in charge themselves have proven to be not credible. It's all about trust. 

Today is a day that we need to believe in our government. We need to believe our government has both supreme confidence in its top officials and unassailable integrity. We need to fully investigate why this happened. We need to prevent it from happening ever again. We need to try to minimize the economic impact and rebuild as quickly as possible, but both the administration's obsession with virtue-signaling and their weaponization of government agencies has been poisonous to public trust. 

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