John Travolta Congratulates Timothee Chalamet After He Breaks Box Office Record

John Travolta congratulated Timothee Chalamet on Tuesday after he broke a box office record Travolta has held for more than four decades.

In a post on Instagram, the 70-year-old actor reacted to a screenshot of a headline about Chalamet breaking the 45-year-old record that read, “Timothee Chalamet Becomes First Actor Since John Travolata To Break This Box Office Record.”

Congratulations Timothée!” Travolta captioned his post. “It’s great to have someone to share my box office record with. Sincerely, JT.”

It came after Chalamet’s “Wonka” and “Dune: Part Two” gave him the two top-grossing domestic films in eight months, People magazine noted. They are the only films since July to have that kind of box office success.

ACCORDING TO THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, CHALAMET’S FILM “DUNE: PART TWO” HAS EARNED $205.3 MILLION AT THE DOMESTIC BOX OFFICE SINCE ITS RELEASE IN MARCH AND “WONKA” MORE THAN $218 MILLION DOMESTICALLY SINCE IT HIT THE BIG SCREEN IN DECEMBER, PER BOXOFFICE MOJO.The last time a star’s two movies have been the most successful films at the box office was when Travolta last did it in with his 1977 movie “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” in 1978, which was released eight months later.

The latest film in the “Wonka” franchise has been very successful globally as well, earning a total of $629 million worldwide. Chalamet’s second sci-fi movie in the “Dune” franchise has earned a global total of $494.7 million as of Wednesday and is expected to surpass “Wonka” by next week.

Chalamet has been a rising star in Hollywood, receiving nominations for an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and three BAFTA Film Awards. He made his film debut in “Men, Women, and Children” (2014) and later gained international recognition in the movie “Call Me by Your Name” (2017), which also earned the actor a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

The celeb also appeared in “Lady Bird” (2017), “Little Women” (2019), “Beautiful Boy” (2018), and played a young cannibal in the horror film “Bones and All” (2022).He had a supporting role in Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” and also starred in “Dune” (2021).

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