Jen Psaki Mocks Voters Worried About Illegal Immigration

Former White House Press Secretary used her MSNBC platform on Tuesday evening to mock voters who say they are worried about illegal immigration — an effort that was gleefully aided by two of her colleagues on the left-leaning cable news network, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.

Psaki joined a panel discussion breaking down Super Tuesday’s primary results and exit polls, and she couldn’t resist taking a shot specifically at voters in Virginia who are worried about the chaotic situation at the southern border.


“I mean, if you look at some of these exit polls — I mean, I live in Virginia,” Psaki began. “Immigration was the number one issue —”Reid laughed: “Yes.”

“— Again, these could change — in Virginia,” Psaki continued.

“Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia,” Maddow chimed in, adding, “A very contested area.”

Critics were quick to point out the fact that three years of Biden’s near-open-border policies — coupled with the fact that red border state governors had been sending illegal immigrants to blue “sanctuary cities” and the Biden administration had been quietly flying illegal immigrants all over the country — had turned every state (Virginia included) into a border state.

“How are they this ignorant and out of touch… An illegal immigrant was charged with raping a teenager in VA a week ago!” Mark Hemingway posted.

“An illegal immigrant from Venezuela was just charged with sexually abusing a minor & northern VA is a hotbed for MS-13 but sure yeah voters are dumb,” Amber Duke added.

“Democrats don’t care about your safety and security, example 253480,” Steve Guest posted.

Stephen Miller, advisor to former President Donald Trump, laid out more details in his response: “About 1 in 8 Virginia residents was born in a foreign country. 1 in 4 very young people in Virginia has a foreign-born parent. In Fairfax County Public Schools, as one example, roughly 20% of students struggle speaking English. Migration has completely reshaped Virginia.”

“Two weeks ago, in Virginia, an illegal alien from Venezuela was arrested & charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Campbell County, VA. He had crossed illegally into El Paso, TX, in September 2023 and was released into the U.S. by the federal government,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.

“So the border is back to not being a problem again?” Tim Murtaugh asked. “It’s so hard to keep track of the Democrats’ position on this.”

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