Jamie Raskin Dives Into New Conspiracy Theory During Hur Hearing

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) veered into conspiracy theory territory on Tuesday, arguing that the investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents was simply a ruse to prevent the United States from sending more aid money to Ukraine.

Raskin made the comments during a hearing taking the testimony of Special Counsel Robert Hur, who interviewed President Biden in the course of his investigation into the classified documents found in his possession.


“This is a memory test,” Raskin began. “But it’s not a memory test for President Biden, it’s a memory test for all of America.”

Raskin immediately pivoted to warning language, suggesting that continuing the investigation into Biden and the classified documents was no different than embracing fascism.

“Do we remember fascism? Do we remember nazism?” Raskin asked. “Do we remember communism and totalitarianism? Have we completely forgotten the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents and prior generations?”

Raskin went on to compare the Biden classified documents investigation to “silly” childhood games, arguing that they were simply being used to distract people long enough for former President Donald Trump to slip back into the White House.

“While we play pin the tail on the donkey in this wild goose chase, all of these silly games, Donald Trump entertains authoritarian hustler Viktor Orban at Mar-a-Lago for the weekend, and Orban comes out to declare that if we indeed sleepwalk into another Trump presidency, Trump will, quote, ‘not give a single penny to Ukraine,'” Raskin continued, adding, “That’s what all of this is about.”

Several others got heated during the Hur hearing, with Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) blowing up at Hur for using up his time by failing to give one-word responses to his questions. “Don’t filibuster,” Nadler complained at one point.

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