Graham: ‘I’m Not Worried About Trump Destroying Democracy, I’m Worried About Biden Destroying The World’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) defended some of former President Donald Trump’s recent remarks over the weekend during a combative news interview, saying that he is far more concerned about how President Joe Biden’s policies are destroying the world rather than Trump being able to destroy democracy.

Graham made the remarks during a Sunday NBC News interview with Kristen Welker when Welker asked Graham about Trump meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“Just for our viewers, to remind them, Orbán believes that liberal democracy doesn’t work,” Welker said. “He’s packed Hungary’s courts with loyalists. He seized control of the media outlets. He’s friends with Putin. He’s friends with Xi.”

Welker then played a clip of Trump saying nice things about Orbán and praising his leadership style.

“Do you think Viktor Orbán’s leadership is something that Trump aspires to in a second term?” Welker asked.

“I think the best way to judge President Trump’s second term is by what he did in his first term,” Graham responded. “You know, Russia didn’t invade on President Trump’s watch. Hamas didn’t try to destroy Israel on his watch. In Afghanistan – the Taliban weren’t in charge on his watch. So, here’s what I would say: If you’re worried about the world being on fire, you’re right. If you think Joe Biden’s policies lack a deterrence and he’s weak in the eyes of our enemies, you’re right. So, if you want to get the world back in order, you’d better vote for Trump.”

“There’s a liberal jihad against everything Trump. I’m not worried about Trump destroying democracy,” Graham added. “I’m worried Joe Biden destroying the world.”

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