Former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski claims president's son, brother committed 'perjury'

Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, said Wednesday the president's son committed perjury during a hearing before the House Oversight Committee.

Bobulinski, who claimed that Hunter Biden "lied throughout his testimony" in a transcribed interview to the House Oversight Committee in February, and provided what he believed to be one example of Hunter Biden's "perjury."

Hunter Biden business partner "lied to the committee on important details concerning his money demands and threats to [the] CEFC in text messages on July 30 and July 31 in 2017, according to Bobulinski.

"He leveraged his father’s presence next to him in that infamous text to strong-arm CEFC to paying Hunter immediately," Bobulinksi said.

Additionally, Bobulinksi claimed Wednesday that James Biden, the president's brother, "also lied extensively throughout his transcribed interview on February 21 and perjured himself."

"An example of that, on page 100 of his transcript, Jim is asked specifically, 'Do you recall having a meeting with Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinksi and Joe Biden?'"

"Jim's response: 'Absolutely not,'" Bobulinski added.

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