Experts Warn Hawaii’s Extreme Climate Ruling Is A ‘Stalking Horse’ For Green New Deal

Experts are warning that the state of Hawaii’s ruling against oil companies is a “stalking horse” for effectively forcing Americans to live under the Green New Deal.

The warnings come as the U.S. Supreme Court considers taking up the case after the companies filed an appeal over the ruling. Some of the justices on the Hawaii Supreme Court have cited the “spirit of Aloha” in their rulings, which critics say is clear mockery directed at the U.S. Constitution.

The city of Honolulu claimed in its lawsuit that oil companies like Exxon and Chevron should pay billions of dollars because they were responsible for weather events that it claimed were caused by climate change, including sea level rise, heat waves, flooding, and global warming.

Fox News reported that the oil companies initially appealed the ruling with the Hawaii Supreme Court, noting that federal law prevents states from shaping policies for all states.

Carrie Severino, president of Judicial Crisis Network (JCN), said “one rogue state court in Hawaii can’t dictate climate policy for the nation” and that “it’s Congress’ job to set national policy in this area.”

Former Arizona Solicitor General O.H. Skinner, the CEO of Alliance for Consumers, said that the ruling was “a stalking horse for the Green New Deal, with lefty enclaves looking to strong-arm progressive lifestyle choices onto an otherwise unwilling public by targeting industries that have yet to fall in line with the progressive ideal.”

“The hyper-ideological justices on the Hawaii Supreme Court seem to want to bankrupt fossil fuel companies and see this lawsuit as a magical key that unlocks unlimited power and a lot of money for progressive agendas,” Skinner said.

The report noted that Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald has worked in collaboration with a hard-Left judicial advocacy group called the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) that exists to indoctrinate judges on “how to handle climate change litigation that comes before them.”

Other justices on Hawaii’s top court have questioned the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that “the Aloha Spirit inspires constitutional interpretation.”

Justices have also allowed their personal feelings to help dictate their rulings, including one who said in the ruling that in her “view,” climate change was “the most important issue facing all courts in the world at this point. It’s an existential threat.”

Skinner noted that the ruling that Hawaii wants will have a profound impact on Americans’ ability to live, especially in the era of having to deal with high costs due to the inflation that President Joe Biden caused with his American Rescue Plan in early 2021.

“Honolulu’s proverbial ‘spirit of Aloha’ assault here, if left unchecked, will actually bore a hole in the pockets of Americans as it marches across industry after industry, increasing the costs of food, cars, travel, and all the other basic building blocks of the modern American life at a pace that everyday Americans won’t be able to afford,” he said. “This is the high court’s problem because it will have compounding impacts on everyday Americans who are already struggling to keep up with the rising costs just to live a decent life.”

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