Dr. Phil Suggests Biden Hiding Truth About His Cognitive Health: ‘People That Have Nothing To Hide, Hide Nothing’

Dr. Phil McGraw said during an interview late this week that President Joe Biden should take a cognitive exam to prove that he has nothing to hide.

McGraw made the remarks during an appearance Friday night on HBO’s “Real Time” with Bill Maher when asked about the subject after Biden recently had his yearly physical exam but did not take a cognitive test.

“All right, here are the questions: Dr. Phil, do you think President Biden should take a cognitive exam?” Maher asked during an “Overtime” segment that aired on CNN.

“If you got nothing — people that have nothing to hide, hide nothing,” McGraw responded. “So, why not?”


During an interview with TMZ this week, McGraw gave a slightly more detailed response on the question.

“One of my specialties, back when I was in practice was brain and central nervous system and cognitive ability, cognitive agility, and these things can be defined objectively, such as memory, of course, and what’s called working memory, the ability to comprehend, put sentences together, express yourself,” McGraw said. “All of these things are very measurable.”

“And if you really had nothing to hide, I think you would hide nothing,” he added. “And if you’d had no problem with neurological deficits, wouldn’t you want to crow about that? Wouldn’t you want to have a transparent neurocognitive examination and show the world that was the case? That kills the issue in the election.”

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