Denver likely to see plowable snow later this week from incoming Rockies snowstorm

After a quiet start to the week, a storm system will move from the Pacific Northwest toward Colorado on Wednesday. The Denver area could wake up to snow on Thursday. Computer forecast models are still coming together but suggest up to 6 inches for Front Range areas.

A storm system moving in from the Northwest will arrive in Colorado and the Rockies by Wednesday, bringing the chance for plowable snow to Denver and potentially feet of snow in the mountains. 

Back-to-back storms are bringing rain and snow to the Pacific Northwest early this week. Forecasters are eyeing the second storm to become an impactful winter storm for Colorado and Utah. The last storm moving across the Northwest on Tuesday will begin to spread into the Rockies overnight and into Wednesday, driven by a jet stream dip.

The FOX Forecast Center future radar shows the incoming storm on Wednesday morning.
(FOX Weather)


After a warmer and dry start to the week with high temperatures for Denver in the mid-60s, the storm system will move in, dropping temperatures to near or below freezing Wednesday night.


Snow will begin to fall starting overnight Tuesday into Wednesday across the Rocky Mountains, with the storm stretching into the Denver area and adjacent High Plains by Thursday. A significant snowstorm could create dangerous travel conditions along Interstates 25, 70 and 80.

Just how much snow piles up is still to be determined. 

While the forecast is still coming together for this storm, computer forecast models continue to suggest high amounts of moisture moving into the Front Range, with most of the precipitation falling as snow, according to the FOX Forecast Center.


Models show a high probability that the Front Range could see up to 6 inches of snowfall from this system.

Denver far behind on snow but March is Mile High City's snowiest month

This round of snow could help Colorado make up its snowpack.

Denver has picked up less than 30 inches of snow this winter, far below the typical 52 inches it would receive in an average season. Last week, Denver saw 0.3 inches of snow, while areas in the Colorado Plains near Akron received more than 5 inches. 

March is typically the snowiest month of the year in Denver, so it's not uncommon for the Mile High City's biggest snowstorms to occur this late in the season.

The last time Denver received at least 6 inches of snow in a single day was Dec. 28, 2022, when 6.4 inches piled up.

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