Danica McKellar wishes the world would be 'open to God's love,' two years after finding faith

'Wonder Years' star and Great American Family Channel actress Danica McKellar's second anniversary of 'becoming a believer' was Palm Sunday

"Wonder Years" actress Danica McKellar is gearing up to spend Easter Sunday in Southern California and is reminiscing on her journey to faith.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, McKellar explained how she's been able to reflect ahead of the holiday weekend and her two-year anniversary of finding faith, which occurred thanks to Candace Cameron Bure two years ago on Palm Sunday.

"Easter week for me, this year marks two years of becoming a believer," the 49-year-old said. "That's when Candace Cameron Bure brought me into her church on Palm Sunday, and we saw the passion play there at Shepherd Church."

Danica McKellar red carpet

Danica McKellar wishes the world would be "open to God's love," two years after finding her faith. (Getty Images)

Shepherd Church has a few locations throughout Southern California.


"It changed my life," McKellar said of her church experience. "I don't know what happened. Some people say the Holy Spirit came to me. All I know is that I knew I became a believer, and it was the most wonderful, transformative moment.


"I was flooded with this knowingness, and I have such peace from that still after two years, and I'm so grateful for it." 

McKellar explained that the Easter season is full of "redemption and rebirth." 

WATCH: 'Wonder Years' actress Danica McKellar explains Candace Cameron Bure's role in her finding faith

Growing up, McKellar only celebrated the "secular side" of Easter.

Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKeller

Candace Cameron Bure introduced Danica McKeller to her church on Palm Sunday in 2022. (Rachel Luna/Getty Images)

"It was the Easter bunny and egg hunts and coloring eggs," she explained. "I used to believe in the Easter bunny, so it was a lot of fun. It was a big family celebration, like a lot of holidays. And I'm really grateful to have a family who always made that effort for everyone to come together."


"My wish for the world is that they would … be open to God's love because it's transformative, and it's there for everyone."

— Danica McKellar

This year, Danica plans to celebrate Easter Sunday again with her family, including her son Draco, in San Diego.

"We will go to Easter church services, and we will do an egg hunt," she told Fox News Digital. "We'll do all the things. We celebrate it all."

Danica McKellar and son Draco

Danica McKellar and son Draco in 2015. (David Buchan/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)

Danica welcomed her son, Draco, with her ex-husband, music composer Mike Verta, in 2010. Teaching her teenage son about her faith has been a "brand new" process for her.

"I share with Draco everything I can. Again, this is new for me. It's new for him. So, the rest of my family are fascinated by my journey, and I think I'm rubbing off on them slowly but surely," she said.

McKellar told Fox News Digital after her experience on Palm Sunday with Cameron Bure that she knew she wanted Jesus to be her "companion." Her father found his faith 25 years ago, well into McKellar's adulthood, and she found her father's belief in Christianity "fascinating." 

WATCH: Danica McKellar explains how attending a Palm Sunday church service in 2022 changed her life forever

Danica McKellar explains how attending a Palm Sunday church service in 2022 changed her life foreverVideo

"'You seem so happy,'" Danica said she told her father. "'I'm so happy for you,' and I've gotten that reaction from some people in my life as well. They're really happy for me, but they're not connecting with it, and that's how I was for so many years. So, I never blame anyone for that.


"But my wish is that people would be able to find that because it's been so amazing for me. You don't feel alone. No matter what's going on."

McKellar told Fox News Digital that, this year, she will be reading the Bible all the way through for the second time, which keeps her "connected."

danica mckellar

Danica McKellar told Fox News Digital she will be reading the Bible all the way through for the second time this year. ( Emily Assiran/Getty Images for That’s 4 Entertainment)

"I attend church, and I have friends that I talk to about it. So, it's a beautiful faith journey, and I'm so grateful for the people in it who support that," she said.

Danica, who works with the Great American Family Channel, explained she's "grateful" to work with a channel that plays the Passion Play on Good Friday.

"So, this is the season of redemption and rebirth," McKellar said. "That's what Easter is. And I love being a part of a network that celebrates that."

'Wonder Years' actress Danica McKellar explains Candace Cameron Bure's role in her finding faith

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