CHOC SHOCK Quality Street makes big change to iconic flavours – is your favourite affected?

QUALITY Street is making a permanent change to two flavours in its iconic chocolate tubs.

The treats are a favourite amongst Brits so any changes are sure to please and disappoint some fans.

Quality Street has made permanent changes to its tubs
Quality Street has made permanent changes to its tubsCredit: Nestle UK

In October, Quality Street changed the shape of both The Purple One and Orange Crunch sweets.

Now Nestle has confirmed that the move will be permanent and shoppers will spot them inside tubs and boxes of the chocs from now on.


It means both flavours will be in the shape of the Caramel Swirl - another popular choice for Quality Street fans.

The chocolate has a more rounded shape and features a swirled pattern on top.

The Orange Crunch has also moved permanently from a foil to a paper wrapper.

But don't worry the recipe for the chocs hasn't changed though.

Both treats will still be in their purple or orange wrapping so choc fans will be able to tell which is which.

They won't replace the caramel crunch so if that one is your favourite then you needn't worry.

'Much-loved sweets'

It comes after a successful trial at the end of 2023, which saw The Purple One sweet go out in a small number of The Purple One Bags.

Some chocolate fans might have noticed the new Orange Crunch in a limited number of tubs, cartons, and tins on the run-up to Christmas too.

Jemma Handley, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street, said:  "After a successful trial at Christmas, we’ll be permanently rolling out new shapes for two of our much-loved sweets.

"We know how iconic Quality Street sweets are and we have taken great care and attention to make sure that it is the same great-tasting The Purple One and Orange Crunch that people know and love in their iconic coloured wrappers."

The plot chickens...

This year Nestle has ventured into Easter too, offering its Quality Street Golden Collection Incredible Egg.

An eagle-eyed shopper spotted it in B&M and posted it on social media, with one user commenting “I know what egg I want!.”

The egg combines fudge and caramel pieces in a milk chocolate caramel-flavoured shell.

Plus you can get a pack of Quality Street caramel, fudge and toffees too.

The Quality Street egg is going for £12 in B&M however it’s not listed online so you will need to head to stores. 

It follows an eventful Christmas for fans of the chocs.

After a successful trial at Christmas, we’ll be permanently rolling out new shapes for two of our much-loved sweets

Jemma HandleySenior Brand Manager For Quality Street

John Lewis brought back its pick 'n' mix stands to the delight of shoppers.

Plus, Nestle launched a new chocolate bar combining two iconic Quality Street flavours - the Purple One and the Green Triangle.

The chocolatier also revealed its Coffee Creme flavour was making a welcome return for Christmas.

The popular brand axed its iconic shiny wrapping paper in 2022 as a move to become more environmentally friendly.

What other foods are hitting shelves?

As well as the permanent change to the Quality Street chocs, there are some more food items hitting shelves.

Aussie faves

An iconic chocolate biscuit branded "Aussie gold" has launched in UK supermarkets for the first time.

Chocolate fans are rejoicing because Tim Tams are finally available to buy across the country.

It's not the first time UK shoppers have gone wild for Australian snacks they spotted on shelves.

Back in November, they went wild for a Cadbury selection box full of Australian chocolate favourites usually unavailable in the UK.

The price of tubs featuring the newly shaped sweets will remain the same.

They include Dairy Milk white chocolate Freddos, Scorched Peanut Bars, Snickers Butterscotch, Caramilk Twirls and regular Dairy Milk milk chocolate bars

B&M bargains

Earlier this year, others yelled "It's a party in my mouth" as B&M rolled out a new M&M flavour normally only seen in the land down under.

The retailer is stocking a Mocha Mudcake version of the classic snack after launching it down under in July last year.

Now the quirky flavour has landed in B&M, with shoppers keen to snap it up.

Instagram page Newfoodfindsuk posted a photo of the 130g bag of sweets online with almost 150 giving the post a like.

Cadbury Twirl Bites in Caramilk and Strawberry also launched last year.

Eagle-eyed foodies spotted the treats, titled "Aus Twirl" in B&M.

'Nostaglic' snacks

Retro food fans will also be pleased to know that some of their favourite "nostalgic" snacks are back on the shelves.

Most people have a favourite chocolate bar or crisp flavour they would love to see return - and we can now reveal some that have.

Aldi made biscuit lovers' dreams come true when it revealed it was bringing back the beloved Elkes Sports Shortcake biscuits.

Cadbury's iconic gold coins made a return to the supermarket shelves last September.

Nestle brought back a Quality Street fan favourite for Christmas last year.

The Hazelnut KitKat Chunky has made a return to the shelves after three years and shoppers can't get enough of it.

Moreish Morissons

Plus, Morrisons started stocking Marmite crisps in February this year after Walkers announced it would be discontinuing the flavour.

Biscuit lovers were rejoicing at the return of the McVities white chocolate biscuit after almost 20 years.

The tea-break favourite was last seen on the shelves as a limited edition in 2005 and made its return in July last year.

Elsewhere, Happy Faces were axed around 2015 and were spotted back on the shelves last year.

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