Biden won't announce immigration executive action during State of the Union: official

President Biden will not announce any executive orders on immigration or border security ahead of or during his State of the Union address Thursday, a White House official told Fox News. 

A White House official said that the administration's "preference" remained that Congress legislates this issue.

Regarding a CNN report claiming Biden told Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, a Republican, during a recent White House event that he would announce action on the border at the State of the Union, the White House official told Fox News on Thursday that the report was false and such interaction "never happened." 

The White House official claimed to be double-checking with people who were in the room, but the administration denied the accuracy of the report. 

The CNN report stated, "The Democrats told Biden that he needed to show more of the fire that was on display in a closed-door meeting with governors when Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte handed him a letter demanding more action on the southern border. Biden flashed a smile, according to two of the governors standing there."

"'State of the Union,’ Biden said, teasingly."

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