White House Thrashed For Valentine Meme Attacking Mike Johnson Over Border Deal

The White House took a virtual beating on Wednesday after posting a Valentine-themed meme attacking House Speaker Mike Johnson over the recently-failed border deal.

The meme showed a photo of Johnson, smiling, against a bright red background. The accompanying poem read, “Roses are red, Violets are blue, The border deal was crushed, Because of you.”

The caption read simply: “Happy Valentine’s Day, Speaker Johnson!”

“The President is 500 years old and his staff is 12,” Derek Hunter said in response.

A number of critics pointed out the fact that the meme had been posted by the official White House account, questioning the optics of such a move.

“YIKES from the official White House Twitter account,” Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich said.

The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona appeared to share her opinion, adding, “So we’re doing this from the official White House account, huh?”

Others pointed out the fact that the White House’s steadfast refusal to first admit that there was a crisis at the border and then propose a deal that would actually have an impact on said crisis was what had led to the current stalemate — not Johnson’s response.

“If I was the House Speaker the response would be something like … Roses are Red, Passion Flowers are Azure, For Three F***ing Years, You Claimed the Border Was Secure,” Doug Powers posted.

“Did Speaker Johnson halt deportations? Stop Remain in Mexico? Halt border wall construction? End the border emergency? Unilaterally resettle millions of unvetted illegal immigrants? Nope that was all you, Big Guy,” added Jake Schneider.

“Fixed it,” another said, sharing a rewritten poem: “Roses are red, Commies vote blue, You had the House for two years, This one is on you.”

There were a few on the left who appeared to truly enjoy the meme, however — among them, Keith Olbermann: “Oh god the Biden social media team is GETTING IT.”

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