Video shows heavy equipment dangling off Wisconsin parking garage after it tipped over while clearing snow

The operator was not hurt after the machine tipped over and was left dangling over the side of the seven-story building

A heavy equipment operator was uninjured after his machine tipped over the side of a parking garage in Wisconsin while clearing snow on Thursday, according to the Madison Fire Department. 

Fire officials said the operator of the equipment was attempting to dump a load of snow over the side of the parking ramp, from the highest level of the seven-story garage, when the equipment tipped off-balance and flipped over the side of the ramp.

The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15. 

Officials said the operator was able to climb out of a rear window and return to safety prior to rescue crews' arrival.


Machine dangling off side of building

In Madison, a piece of heavy equipment tipped over the side of a parking garage while clearing snow on Thursday morning, Feb. 15. (Madison Fire Department)

The Madison Fire Department's Heavy Urban Rescue team responded and secured the piece of machinery to ensure it didn't fall over the edge.

A local towing service was also dispatched to help pull the equipment back onto level ground.

Crews were able to successfully get the machine back on the ground by using a packed pile of snow beneath the equipment to help create leverage. 

According to fire officials, the operator was shaken up but was not injured.

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