Robby Starbuck Announces Release Of ‘The War On Children’ Documentary

"Far left activists will stop at nothing to indoctrinate them, sexualize them..."

On Friday, political commentator Robby Starbuck released “The War On Children,” a feature-length documentary about the Left’s attempt to “sexualize” and “indoctrinate” children via, among other things, social media.

“There’s a war on our children right now. Far left activists will stop at nothing to indoctrinate them, sexualize them, guilt them and punish them until they submit to their woke religion,” Starbuck wrote in his announcement post on X. “For too long the dots haven’t been connected to expose their battle plan. This film exposes EVERYTHING.”

The documentary features interviews with notable voices who have spoken out on the sexualization of children and the threat posed to young people by radical gender ideology, such as Riley Gaines, Chaya Raichik, Seth Gruber, Layla Jane, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

Starbuck noted in his post announcing the film that X is the perfect platform for the release of the documentary, in large part because of Elon Musk’s ownership.

“Today we make history on X by premiering our film ‘The War On Children’ here,” Starbuck wrote, saying viewers of the film can prove “we don’t need woke studios to succeed.”

“‘The War on Children’ is the ultimate X film,” he continued. “Many of the people and stories featured were found right here on X. Many risked losing their accounts (and more) to expose this war on our children but now [Elon Musk] owns the site and even he’s subscribed to me and has access to our film.”

Starbuck made a point of personally thanking Musk “for making X a place where the truth lives and people can have meaningful debates again. Without your actions, this film would not be premiering here today.”

Anyone can access the film by following Starbuck’s account and clicking “subscribe” for $5, according to the announcement. Viewers can also rent the film via the Rumble or MoviesPlus apps.

Near the bottom of the X post, Starbuck provides a link for donations to support future work, as well as to provide screenings of “The War On Children” for churches.

The trailer for the documentary can be viewed below:

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