NFL Draft Prospect Stuns At Combine Event: ‘I Don’t Believe In Space,’ ‘I Don’t Think There’s Other Planets’

An NFL Draft prospect is going viral for all the wrong reasons at this year’s NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Texas Tech Safety Tyler Owens, who draft experts believe will be the fastest player at the event, declared during a media event that he does not believe in outer space.

“I don’t believe in space,” Owens said in a video posted on X by Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski. “I think we’re alone right now. I don’t think there’s other planets and other stuff like that.”

Owens also said that he thinks there may be credibility to arguments made by flat earthers — people who believe that the earth is flat and is not a sphere.

“I thought I used to believe in the heliocentric thing where we used to revolve around the sun and stuff,” Owens continued. “But then I started seeing flat earth stuff and I was like, this is kind of interesting. They started bringing up valid points, so I mean I don’t know, could be real, couldn’t be.”

Owens, who was one of the top players in the nation coming out of high school, spent the first years of his college career with the Texas Longhorns and later transferred to Texas Tech, where he played his final two seasons.


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