MSNBC host's 'fraudulent' views exposed with hot mic F-bomb, says McEnany

Joy Reid dropped F-bomb while seemingly knocking Biden for 'starting another war'

Far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid faced backlash over her hot mic moment in which she was heard cursing and seemingly targeting President Biden. Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany explained her frustration with Reid's "lack of journalistic integrity" on "Jesse Watters Primetime," saying her views appear to be "completely different" from what she broadcasts to her audience. 


KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Completely different, fraudulent. This is the network that pumps Biden over and over and over. It's the preferred network of the administration, I would argue. They send their surrogates out there all the time. And here's what she's saying behind the scenes? This guy's going to start another war, and this is who she's peddling? It is so beneath any line of journalistic integrity. Joy Reid, we know she's never been anywhere close to that, and then you get to Scarborough, saying 'Joe Biden's engaged, full of energy.' Who has ever said that? No one, except the drunk guy at the bar.

But the same Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump wants to execute his generals. Donald Trump wants to use Seal Team Six to execute his opponents. No, that was something a judge put forward as a hypothetical, nothing that Trump said. But they don't play Trump, so you'd never know if he said it or not.

MSNBC host Joy Reid curses on air during her showVideo

On Monday's installment of "The ReidOut," liberal MSNBC host Joy Reid dropped an F-bomb during a monologue attacking the Republicans Reid accused of "taking credit" for bills they voted against but were passed by Democrats and signed into law by the president. She slammed the GOP obstruction of an immigration bill being mulled behind the scenes "for the sake of Donald Trump."

"Over the weekend, President Biden said he's ready to take action if Congress is serious about solving the border issue," Reid told viewers.

MSNBC then cut to Biden's remarks, which were abruptly interrupted by Reid's voice.

"Starting another f---in' war," Reid could be heard saying with a chuckle before her audio was immediately cut. 

Cutting back to Reid mid-sentence, she then appeared to accuse Trump of "still trying to kill the deal" before carrying on with the rest of her monologue.

Towards the end of the show, Reid offered an apology to viewers for the "'behind the scenes' chatter" they heard.

MSNBC has taken criticism in recent weeks for refusing to show Trump's victory speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire. 

Fox News' Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.

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