Kid Rock Explains How He Would Get Hostages Released From Hamas

Kid Rock said during a podcast last week that Israel could get their citizens taken hostage by Hamas returned if they play by the terrorists’ rules and target civilians.

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, made the remarks during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” while talking about the situation in the Middle East following the October 7 terrorist attack by the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorist organization.

“The only wars we won were f***ing ones where we were the most brutal motherf***ers on the planet,” Ritchie said. “Which, I don’t disagree with what Israel is doing. It’s like, they should just go in there and be like, you know what? We want our hostages back. If we don’t have them back, clock starts now, in f***ing 24 hours, we’re going to start bombing motherf***ers and killing f***ing civilians, thirty-, forty-thousand a f***ing time. So you civilians better f***ing pack up and f***ing get these f***ing motherf***ers. And you go against Hamas. You f***ing go against them. We’re not playing f***ing games with you.”

Rogan repeatedly pushed back on Ritchie’s idea, saying that civilians are not armed and that would constitute a war crime.

That’s the only thing people understand,” Ritchie said. “That’s what happened to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Boom. Just wiped out. They’re like, ‘oh yes, we don’t have Supreme Leader anymore. We did not know you had such big bomb.'”

Ritchie said that the enemy needed to “get [their] a** beat hard enough” to change their thinking and their way of life, adding that “f*** around and find out” was the only way that some people learn.

“What if that was your house? What if that was your house? Let’s call your house Israel and your neighbors are Palestine,” Ritchie said. “You got a family of four. They come over and f***ing take out two of them in the f***ing worst way. Are you really going to worry about like what type of force you’re using at your neighbors?”

When Rogan said that they couldn’t pick civilians to be targets, Ritchie pushed back: “But they’re hiding in civilian targets! They’re in hospitals, they got trenches f***ing underneath. They got operation centers.”


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