‘I See So Many Who Are Just Tolerating Evil’: Kirk Cameron Dissects Problems With ‘Tolerance’ Culture

Kirk Cameron dissected what he called the problems with “tolerance” culture and said he sees so many people who are “just tolerating evil.”

During the 53-year-old actor’s appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast “Timcast IRL” on Thursday, Cameron and the hosts talked about how Christians are a tolerant group compared to the woke left.

“My understanding of people who are being tolerant and turning the other cheek, I see so many who are just tolerating evil,” Cameron told the hosts. “And that’s not loving your neighbor.”

“I mean at the end of the day the two great commandments of Christianity are to love God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength,” he added. “And the second is to love your neighbor like yourself. If you tolerate the kinds of things that bring misery to your neighbors, and ultimately strip them of their liberties, you’re not loving them.”

The “Growing Pains” star said if someone were to cuss him out and steal his jacket, he might still love them. However, when it comes to targeting his children or his liberties, that’s another issue. “Or you make my neighbors live in poverty and misery so that you can go live on Epstein island, no I think we shouldn’t tolerate that,” Cameron said.

Earlier in the show, the hosts talked to the actor about his efforts last year to read his faith-based children’s book “As You Grow” at public libraries that had hosted Drag Queen Story Hours. Cameron previously spoke about his reading project with the Daily Wire.

Cameron said he was denied the opportunity to read his book about the values of faith at more than 50 libraries across the country.

Published by Brave Books, Cameron’s book contains messages about “peace, love, joy, and kindness,” and “growing in wisdom through the seasons of life.”

He said he made it because the “education of children is of primary importance” given how young children are being indoctrinated with things like gender ideology at a young age. He added that his book is “Pro-God and pro-family and Biblical values.”

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