Dove Ad Stinks Up Super Bowl Commercials By Pretending To Support Girls In Sports

With tensions running high between trans activists and people living in reality, you almost have to respect Dove for choosing to air a commercial about promoting girls in sports and, to top it off, for the marketing team choosing a young swimmer as the example.

Their hypocrisy stinks so badly, Dove must have forgotten to use their own deodorant. 

It’s moments like this that highlight the importance of alternative body care brands like Jeremy’s. Conservatives who are sick of supporting companies who hate them can always opt for agenda-free hand soapbody wash, and yes, deodorant to get rid of that stench. 

Because let’s be clear: something is rotten in the state of Dove.

This same company that just spent $7 million for 30 seconds of airtime during Super Bowl LVIII to pretend they care about protecting women’s sports has already pledged their allegiance to the woke agenda on multiple occasions. In 2021, they tweeted congrats to Laurel Hubbard, a male weightlifter who competed against female competitors at the Olympics. 

“History in the making. Congrats to Laurel! Here’s to more trans representation in sports,” the tweet from Dove said. 

And that’s not the first time Dove worshiped at the altar of wokeness. In June 2021, the company rolled out a new initiative called “Proud To Be Me,” a “new body positivity tool for LGBTQ+ youth, brought to you by the Dove Self-Esteem Project.”

“Let’s help the young people in our lives feel confident and proud of who they are,” the website, which targeted kids between the ages of 11 and 14, said. It also encouraged adults to host conversations with kids about sex changes and sexual orientation.


Again, there’s evil afoot, and it’s especially egregious for this company to now be pretending they care about girls competing in sports.

Not everyone was fooled by their ad spot, however. Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, who made headlines for publicly opposing the fact that she had to compete against a man identifying as a woman, called out Dove for not practicing what they preach.

“Isn’t it almost comical that Dove just had a Super Bowl commercial about keeping girls in sports yet they’re hiding all replies that even slightly suggest women’s sports should only be for women HA,” Gaines tweeted. “They even seemingly strategically used female swimmers as the protagonists lol.”

In 2022, Gaines competed in the women’s 200 freestyle at the NCAA Division I Women’s Championships and placed fifth, tying with trans-identifying swimmer Lia Thomas. Thomas got the trophy while Gaines was told hers was in the mail. Right.

Dove, which is owned by the British company Unilever, is doing their best to control the avalanche of backlash against their supposedly pro-girl power ad. They’ve limited replies on the tweet featuring the #KeepHerConfident campaign on X, but even doing that wasn’t enough. Out of nine replies, the majority of them are negative.

“It’s because of boys and men. Because they know their bodies aren’t as strong as the boys stealing their spots,” one response says.

“You should be fighting to keep males OUT of female sports, instead of patronizing young girls,” another reply echoes.

“No, it’s because men/boys are stealing their scholarships, opportunities, records, & awards,” another commenter said, linking to a document including more than 800 awards and records that went to men that should have been awarded to women.

Bud Light may have a completely different audience compared to Dove, but their tragic tale of going woke and paying the price should serve as a warning anyway. As more and more people wake up to the insanity of the Left-wing agenda, companies like Dove can’t keep getting away with blatant hypocrisy. They can’t keep claiming to support girls in sports while insisting those same girls should have to face off against boys who think they’re girls on the playing field.

Maybe it seems like it shouldn’t matter. Who cares what a soap company thinks about the trans agenda? But every time they get away with crap like this, they’re promoting a worldview that stands in opposition to reality. They’re actively hurting the young girls in sports who they claim to support. It’s sickening. And it has to stop.

More and more people are waking up to their tricks. They’re fighting back in the best possible way: with their wallets. They’re ditching Dove and reaching for alternative body care products that won’t put money in the coffers of companies who refuse to accept reality.

Feel cleaner than ever before by joining the fight. Say no to Dove and yes to Jeremy’s, where boys are boys, girls are girls, and soap will get you squeaky clean.

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