Turkish football team working to terminate the contract of Israeli football player

Top-tier Turkish football club Antalyaspor Deputy Chairman and press spokesperson Alkan Evren said in a statement that a legal process is ongoing to terminate the contract of 28-year-old Israeli football player Sagiv Jehezkel, who was detained and released by police, according to Turkish state broadcaster, TRT Haber.

The club announced yesterday that Jehezkel was suspended after showing his bandaged wrist with a message supporting Israeli hostages on Sunday.

TRT Haber public broadcaster confirmed he will be flying back to Israel in a private plane.

According to TRT Haber, Jehezkel gave a statement to police, in which he said:

“I did not make anything to incite or provoke anyone. I am not a pro-war person. And after all, there are Israeli soldiers captured in Gaza. I am someone who believes that this 100-day period should end now. I want the war to end. That's why I showed the sign," the statement reportedly read.

"I am someone who has nothing to do with politics. I have never done anything related to politics since my arrival. I have never disrespected anyone since the day I arrived. The point I wanted to draw attention to was the end of the war." 

A Turkish prosecutor is investigating Jehezkel for “inciting the public to hatred and hostility.

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