Tim Scott: Trump Needs To ‘Comport’ Himself ‘In A Way That Is Consistent With The Highest Office’

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said during an interview over the weekend that former President Donald Trump needed to act more professional on the campaign trail as he tries to retake the White House.

Scott, who dropped out of the presidential race before any voting happened because he failed to gain traction with voters, made the remarks during a Sunday interview with Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Senator, Donald Trump is launching some pretty personal attacks against Nikki Haley, who I know you have known for a very long time,” Bash said. “He suggested she is ineligible to be president, even though she is. She was born in your home state of South Carolina. He repeatedly mocked her given first name, Nimarata, even though she has gone by her middle name, Nikki, her whole life.”

“Would you rather that the man you endorse not use terms like Nimarata — names like Nimarata, seeming to try to make a point to his supporters?” she later asked.

“Well, I would like for all politicians to comport themselves in a way that is consistent with the highest office,” Scott responded. “On the campaign trail, people say things, and, interestingly enough, then, after the campaign is over, everybody unites. What we need in the Republican Party is to start uniting behind one candidate. That candidate is only going to be Donald Trump.”

“So, when we’re thinking about what’s next, it shouldn’t be attacks against each other,” he continued. “We should turn our attention to Joe Biden and to the American people and what they want. They want a better future. They want another American century. They want hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs across this nation.”

“When we start talking about the underlying issues and the principles that undergird human flourishing and what makes America the most exceptional country on the planet, then we’re having a conversation,” he concluded. “That won’t happen until we get to the general election. That should start right now.”

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