Tim Scott: Trump is shifting 'Great Opportunity Party's' political paradigm, appealing to women, millennials

Scott joined his fellow South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham in endorsing Trump

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, who recently endorsed former President Donald Trump for a second term, told Fox News on Saturday that minority and youth voters are taking a look at the Republican Party because of his candidacy.

Scott, whose state is home to the next major Republican primary contest, suggested Trump may be positioned for a landslide if conditions are right, pointing to how Minnesota Democrat Walter "Fritz" Mondale was blown out by then-President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

"Think about the fact that [people said of] Ronald Reagan 'He can't win, he's just an actor. He has no ability to appeal beyond California, beyond conservatives, beyond independents'," Scott said. 

"Here's what we know: 49 out of 50 states later, Ronald Reagan did what no other president has done."


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In 1984, Mondale won only his home state, and Reagan similarly trounced President Jimmy Carter in 1980, who only won the District of Columbia, Hawaii, West Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island and Georgia.

Scott went on to tell "Life, Liberty & Levin" that the New Hampshire electorate is much different than South Carolina's, in that the New England state is more moderate and independent, while his home state is decidedly conservative.

He noted that Trump won by double-digits over Nikki Haley in New Hampshire, and therefore is positioned to do just as well or better in South Carolina. 

"Here's what's really cool from my perspective: Donald Trump didn't just win with seniors. He didn't just win with women. He didn't just win with millennials. He won with all three demographics," Scott said.

"Donald Trump won millennials by the largest margin against Nikki Haley, 58 to 36, I think it was – he won women against Nikki Haley" he went on, noting that in New Hampshire, liberal-leaning independents were able to vote in the primary and likely sided more with Haley.


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Scott went on to claim two voting blocs not historically tied to Republican politics are giving the GOP another look because they remember the conditions in America under the previous Trump presidency fondly.

"One out of five Black folks are looking at the Great Opportunity Party -- Why? Because Donald Trump delivered when he was president. And we have good memories," he said.

"Today, 40-plus percent of Hispanics are looking at Donald Trump and the GOP. Why? Because Donald Trump brought the lowest unemployment rate to Hispanics in the history of the country."

Scott said White voters and minority voters alike all care about the same things: safe streets, a secure border and a good economy.

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"Only in the minds of liberals and Democrats can they say the color of your skin will determine how you're going to vote. Donald Trump is changing everything we know about American politics today, and that's good news for our nation."

Scott said a second Trump term would bring the same prosperity felt between 2017 and 2020 to the year 2025 and beyond.

If elected, Trump would become only the second president, after New Jersey-born Democrat Grover Cleveland, to serve two nonconsecutive terms.

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