‘Sleepwalking Directly Into His Own Defeat’: Shapiro Explains How Biden’s Immigration Policy Will Sink Him

 Noting illegal immigration is at an all-time high, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro explained how President Joe Biden, by not trying to fix the problem and instead attempting to blame Republicans, is paving the way for former President Donald Trump to be elected.

POLITICO reported on Wednesday that White House spokesperson Andrew Bates slammed the GOP on immigration, saying, “Actions speak louder than words. House Republicans’ anti-border security record is defined by attempting to cut Customs and Border Protection personnel, opposing President Biden’s record-breaking border security funding, and refusing to take up the President’s supplemental funding request.”

Likening the Democrats’ efforts to blame the GOP to the internet meme in which one character shoots another character and then turns to camera and asks, “Who could have done this,” Shapiro said, “That is the Democratic Party when it comes to illegal immigration.”

After quoting Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas saying that there is a backlog of three million cases, Shapiro added, “It got much, much worse when U.S. citizenship and immigration system as a service in the agency within the Department of Homeland Security that administers our legal immigration system was financially gutted during the prior administration.”

“What he wants to do is increase the processing power,” Shapiro pointed out. “He does not actually want to cut off the flow. If you want illegal immigration to stop, you need to cut off the flow. But that’s exactly what the Biden administration is unwilling to do.”

Noting that illegal immigration is much higher under Biden than it was under Trump, Shapiro noted that Mayorkas blamed climate change and poverty. “Weird, since climate change, according to the Left, has been taking place for decades. And poverty has been endemic to this region for decades,” Shapiro said.

“Leaving the border wide open is totally insane,” Shapiro declared. “And so this has to be an ideological thing, truly, because the reality is that even labor-first Democrats, people who are for unions, who used to be very much opposed to illegal immigration of migrant labor because they believed it was undercutting the wage base in the United States, have been supplanted in the Democratic Party by college-educated white liberals who believe that leaving the border open is some sort of moral requirement.”

Shapiro then turned to the Secure the Border Act of 2023, passed by the House last May, of which Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said this week, “When the House clings to H.R. 2 as the only solution … we’re not going to get a deal.” Shapiro explained:

The Secure the Border Act, which is H.R. 2, is a fairly conservative bill. It proposes the following things, according to the Immigration Forum.org, a rather pro-immigration outlet. It would reestablish Trump-era border policy, including restarting construction on the border wall. You reinforce the definition of operational control as the prevention of all unlawful entry into the United States, including entries by terrorists, other unlawful aliens, instruments of terrorism, narcotics and other contraband. It would require the DHS secretary to incorporate physical barriers, infrastructures and technologies to achieve situational awareness and operational control of the US-Mexico border. It would increase the number of full time Border Patrol agents to at least 22,000.

By the way, that gives the lie to the idea that the Republicans don’t want to increase Border Patrol agents. They do. They just don’t want to increase the number of people who are going to be involved in processing illegal immigration forms, as opposed to the number of people who are on the border catching the guard ways.

It would prohibit the use of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, air and marine operations resources to transport non-citizens who will not be detained into the country’s interior. In other words, we shouldn’t be spending federal dollars to bus people all around the country via CBP. It would require the U.S. Border Patrol to put together a strategic plan based on information provided by border community stakeholders like hospitals, farmers, ranchers, property owners, victims of crimes and other negatively impacted by illegal immigration.

“All of this sounds absolutely reasonable,” Shapiro asserted. ”It would also restrict access for asylum. It would raise the initial screening standards so a noncitizen would have to prove they were more likely than not to ultimately qualify for asylum. Why is that wild? Should you be able to come to the border and you just say, ‘Listen, I need asylum?'”

The bill would also “explicitly end the existing presumption against detaining a non-citizen child accompanied by family, making it easier for families with minor children to be held in detention,” he pointed out, adding, “Because right now the big problem is that you’re not allowed to hold a child in detention facilities with family, which leads to separations at the border between children and parents, which is then been used as a lever to release the parents.”

“This is the stuff that Joe Biden is opposing. Trump’s going to win on this issue. This issue matters to Americans. And Joe Biden is sleepwalking directly into his own defeat,” Shapiro concluded.

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