KILLER IN COURT Nottingham attacker Valdo Calocane could die behind bars after killing 2 students and a caretaker in knife rampage

 A KNIFEMAN who killed three in a gruesome rampage faces dying behind bars - as a "hero" victim's final moments are revealed.

Valdo Amissao Mendes Calocane stabbed Grace O'Malley-Kumar and Barnaby Webber, both aged 19, and 65-year-old Ian Coates to death.

Valdo Calocane has admitted manslaughter
Valdo Calocane has admitted manslaughterCredit: PA
Grace Kumar was killed in the rampage
Grace Kumar was killed in the rampage

Nottingham Crown Court was told Calocane was suffering from "extreme" mental illness at the time, including paranoid schizophrenia.

He now faces an indefinite hospital order or a jail sentence after pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Prosecutors today accepted his plea - meaning Calocane will not stand trial for murder.

The triple killer also admitted the attempted murders of Sharon Miller, Marcin Gawronski and Wayne Birkett, who were injured when they were hit by a van.

Prosecutor Karim Khalil KC said he would have understood what he was doing when he attacked his victims using a dagger he described as "a double-edged fighting knife".

Family members wept as the court was told how the horror unfolded on June 13 when a series of attacks took place across the city of Nottingham.

Grace and Barnaby were walking home after an end-of-term night out when they were pounced on by Calocane.

Barnaby was stabbed "repeatedly" with a dagger - inflicting "grave injuries".

As he collapsed to the floor, Grace showed "incredible bravery" by attempting to save him by fighting the killer off.

She managed to push Calocane into the road but this led him to turn his attention to her, the court was told.

The killer was then "as uncompromisingly brutal in his assault of Grace as he was in his assault of Barnaby", it was said.

After knifing both students, Calocane then "calmly" walked away - leaving the pair just 300 yards from their halls of residence on Ilkeston Road.

After their bodies were discovered, police found caretaker Ian dead on the ground around two miles away on Magdala Road.

The suspect then allegedly used Ian's van to ram three pedestrians - leaving one fighting for life.

At a vigil, Grace's family remembered their "beautiful baby girl" and said that she was studying to become a doctor like her dad.

They also praised the "truly wonderful young lady" who would be "so dearly missed".

Meanwhile, Barney's mum said: "My beautiful, beautiful boy, you have mine, your dad and your brother's heart forever."

They later described their "complete devastation" at losing the history student and keen cricketer.

The family said he was a "beautiful, brilliant, bright young man, with everything in life to look forward to".

Ian's sons said his death had "rocked everyone's world" and that he was a "great father".

Grace was trying to save pal Barnaby Webber
Grace was trying to save pal Barnaby WebberCredit: PA
Barnaby's body was found just 300 yards from his halls of residence
Barnaby's body was found just 300 yards from his halls of residence
School caretaker Ian Coates also died in the attack

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