Gov. Burgum praises 'sophisticated' New Hampshire voters who are 'going to send a message'

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum praised New Hampshire voters ahead of the state's primary Tuesday, telling Fox News Digital that residents of the state are some of the most informed when they head to the polls.

"The thing that's great about New Hampshire voters is they're so sophisticated," Burgum said while attending a rally in support of former President Donald Trump. "I mean, it's not just that they're, you know, watching cable news. I mean, they're reading stories. 

"They're on the ground. They understand the issues. They understand the differences, because everybody over the years has campaigned here in both parties. They're close to the big media markets like Boston. They see what's going on."

Burgum said he and has wife have lived the experience while traveling around the state to connect with voters, noting that the level of knowledge extends to voters both "young and old."

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