Even CBS Isn’t Buying What Mayorkas Is Shoveling On The Border Crisis

CBS anchor Tony Dokoupil appeared to grow impatient with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ attempts to spin the record-breaking crisis that is still unfolding at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Dokoupil said that both major parties had a history of “playing games” when it came to the topic of illegal immigration — but then he called Mayorkas out directly, noting that Republicans had “very specific ideas” regarding how to stem the tide and pointing to the Biden administration’s outright refusal to discuss them.


Dokoupil began by pointing to the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants crossing the border on a daily basis, saying that the “flow” was creating issues for Democratic leaders in cities along the border.

“Democratic leaders — mayors, governors — they’re struggling,” he said. “Abbott, Governor Abbott in Texas, is busing people to different states,” Dokoupil continued, adding that once those illegal immigrants arrived, they had no way to support themselves and put pressure on local officials working with already strained resources.

He turned to Mayorkas with just one question: “What is the White House going to do to come to the aid of your fellow Democrats who say, ‘We need help’?”

Mayorkas briefly addressed the question, saying that Congress had approved some funding for local authorities to address the issue. He then turned back to the subject of Texas Governor Abbott. He asked Dokoupil whether it was “responsible governance” or whether a real patriot would bus illegal immigrants to other states without first coming to an understanding with the local authorities.

“Is that the type of patriotism and governance that we expect of our officials?” he asked.

“I think that both parties are playing games and have been for decades on this issue,” Dokoupil replied. “But you’re not talking about the fundamental point of contradiction, Republicans want a stop to the flow — with very specific ideas! You’re not even talking about those ideas this morning! And so, both sides are playing politics, as they have been for a very long time.”

“I would respectfully disagree with you,” Mayorkas replied, and Dokoupil raised an eyebrow.

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