ESPN Issues Apology After Showing Woman’s Bare Breast During Football Broadcast

ESPN has issued an apology after showing a woman who flashed her bare right breast during coverage of the Sugar Bowl on Monday night in New Orleans.

It happened during the broadcast of the college football semifinals between the Washington Huskies and Texas Longhorns when the network went to a shot from Bourbon Street.

In a statement to the Associated Press, ESPN’s Bill Hofheimer said, “We regret that this happened and apologize that the video aired in the telecast.”

In the video that has surfaced on social media, we see footage of people on the famed street when the woman suddenly looks up and then pulls out her breast.

The brief moment was noticed on social media, with many users on X commenting about what they had just witnessed on live TV.

“My timeline is talking about seeing boobs on ESPN like putting boobs on television hasn’t been their business model since they first hired Skip Bayless,” one person joked about the now-FS1 host. 

Another person added on X, “Nice job on the commercial break getting the boob flash ESPN…. Lol.”

While a third person wrote, “Aaaaand ESPN just broadcast to millions of people a woman on Bourbon St showing her boobs for beads.”

There were others who wanted to know if the footage was recorded ahead of the game or if it was actually live.

“Not going to show it, but ESPN just showed a woman flashing her boobs on Bourbon Street during a commercial break for the Sugar Bowl. SMH,” one person wrote. “Guessing this was prerecorded which makes it worse.”

A second person added, “Fascinated by the choice to have the ESPN camera crew walk Bourbon Street for a live shot and assume there’d be no flashing. [SugarBowl].”

It was unclear at the time of this publication if the footage was captured live or if it was prerecorded, the New York Post noted.

Washington beat Texas 37-31 and advances to the national championship to play Michigan on Monday.

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