E. Jean Carroll takes heat for bizarre Maddow interview bragging about spending Trump's money

Carroll joked on MSNBC that she was 'gonna go shopping' with the $83.3 million from her lawsuit

E. Jean Carroll’s "joke" from Monday night’s episode of "The Rachel Maddow Show" sparked outrage after she appeared to undermine her defamation suit against former President Trump.

A federal jury last week ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83.3 million in damages in her defamation suit against him, stemming from comments he's made denying he sexually assaulted her in the 1990s.

During another stop on her media tour, Carroll was asked by the MSNBC host about previous remarks she made suggesting that any money she would receive from Trump would go directly to "help shore up women's rights."

"Yes, Rachel! Yes!" Carroll enthusiastically responded. "I had such, such great ideas for all the good I'm gonna do with this money."

Carroll on Maddow show

E. Jean Carroll appears on "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC on January 29, 2024. (MSNBC / Screenshot)


"First thing Rachel, you and I are gonna go shopping!" she exclaimed. "We're gonna get complete new wardrobes, new shoes, motorcycle for [Carroll's attorney Shawn] Crowley, a new fishing rod for Robbie [Carroll's attorney Roberta Kaplan]- Rachel, what do you want? A penthouse? It's yours, Rachel! Penthouse and France? You want France? You want to go fishing in France? No?"

As Maddow chuckled at Carroll's proposal, Crowley awkwardly grinned and said, "That's a joke."

The clip went viral as many people said her remarks undermined her credibility. 


E. Jean Carroll joked about spending the money she received following a defamation lawsuit against Trump on "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC on January 29, 2024. (MSNBC / Screenshot)

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said, "If you needed any more proof this whole suit and verdict was a crock, here it is. And of course, Maddow still soaks it all up while not realizing how damaging this is."

"Rough night for MSNBC," Outkick founder Clay Travis remarked.

"This shows exactly what’s wrong with the justice system. You’re claiming the harm to your reputation was so bad you need millions to compensate for it, then you make these types of jokes. This also paints real assault survivors in bad lights and makes them seem money hungry. Absolutely disgusting," Independent Women’s Forum spokesperson Paula Scanlan wrote. 

"She's a nutball," The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller said.

Radio host Rob O’Donnell explained, "Being in Law Enforcement and public safety for over 3 decades having worked special victims cases, this is not the mindset of a victim. No amount of money can ever make whole a true victim of sexual assault nonetheless make them giddy."

"Deranged. Maddow served it up on a silver platter for E. Jean Carroll and she decided to be unhinged in her response," conservative commentator Steve Guest wrote.

E. Jean Carroll

Donald Trump was ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million following a defamation lawsuit. (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)


Carroll sued Trump for defamation for comments he made in 2019, vigorously denying her rape allegations.

A federal jury in New York City decided last year that Trump was not liable for rape, but was liable for sexual abuse and defamation. The former president was ordered to pay $5 million in that trial.

Carroll also appeared on CNN Monday night to make another joke about how she'd spend the money but quickly clarified her comments.

"We talk about it a lot. We will do good with that money. We are going to do — Trump has suggested we turn Trump Tower into an animal sanctuary for instance. That was a joke. That was a joke," Carroll said. "But no, we are inspired to not waste a penny over this, and we have some good ideas we are working on."

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