Donald Trump from the campaign trail: The former president's road to the 2024 election

Trump announced bid for another presidential term in November 2022, kicking off his campaign

The 2024 election cycle is in full swing, with presidential hopefuls working tirelessly to gain the American public's vote. Since former President Donald Trump announced a second-term run for president in November 2022, he has been speaking at events and rallies across the country to win the public's vote, first against fellow candidates vying for the Republican nomination. 

During the speeches Trump has given so far in this election cycle, he has spoken about many concerns weighing on American's minds going into 2024, such as the economy, immigration policies and abortion laws.

Several GOP presidential hopefuls like Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie, the latter of whom just dropped out of the race, have spoken about the former president during their own campaigns, expressing their disfavor.

Trump has faced a lot of legal trouble during this campaign run with the four criminal indictments he faces. This includes a classified records case and the Jan. 6 election interference case.  

Toward the beginning of 2024, much of Trump's campaigning has been focused on states like Iowa and New Hampshire, where the first caucuses and primary in the nation occur, respectively.

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