Dog Rescue Organizations To Host Rescue Event At Colony Ridge, Citing Abused, Abandoned Animals

You bring in the third world, and you become the third world'

Animal rescue organizations and political organizers are teaming up to rescue abused and abandoned dogs in the Colony Ridge development in Texas, citing inhumane conditions for hundreds of animals across the sprawling development that’s become a magnet for illegal immigrants.

The rescue effort is being held in conjunction with Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the biggest no-kill dog rescue organization in the United States, and is set to take place on January 19th and 20th.

The rescue operation will save dogs in Colony Ridge, which is quickly growing thanks to a marketing campaign that appears to be aimed at attracting non-citizens. The development, roughly the size of Washington D.C., has become a magnet for illegal aliens due to marketing and financial strategies aimed at attracting non-citizens.

“We invite you to join us in our efforts to rescue and provide medical help and shelter for grossly abused and neglected animals in Colony Ridge,” a social media graphic advertising the event reads.

John Rourke, founder of the Great American Cleanup, highlighted the horrific conditions that stray and abused dogs in Colony Ridge are facing, posting graphic images of mangled, bloodied, and emaciated dogs that have been spotted and rescued in the development.

“I was provided these images and more by some wonderful people who are doing their best to rescue as many animals as possible from this illegal alien sanctuary,” Rourke stated in another post documenting dozens of more dogs in Colony Ridge. “There are 1000’s of dogs and cats roaming this vast area.”

“I can’t see this and not do something about it,” Rourke, who is helping to organize the rescue effort, wrote in a post on Instagram. “This is what our nation is becoming. You bring in the third world, and you become the third world.”

The Daily Wire visited Colony Ridge last year and documented stray dogs roaming the underdeveloped streets.

Residents in the area surrounding Colony Ridge told The Daily Wire that the development is home to third-world conditions, explaining that it is not uncommon to hear gunshots ringing out at night or to see trash piling up in the ditches.

The development has since come under heavy scrutiny, now facing an investigation from the Environmental Protection Agency and ongoing lawsuit from the Department of Justice (DOJ) over predatory financing and bait-and-switch tactics. The embattled development is also reportedly under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service and the Army Corps of Engineers.

The rescue effort is also being organized by Better Together Dog Rescue, an organization that seeks to stop the euthanasia of dogs, providing opportunities for adoption and collaborating with veterinarians.

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