Democrat Dean Phillips Blasts Biden’s Handling Of Border: ‘An Unmitigated, Embarrassing, Unforgivable Disaster’

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) ripped President Joe Biden during Democratic presidential event this week for the collapse of the U.S. Southern Border.

Phillips, who is a longshot candidate, made the remarks during NewsNation’s Democratic Presidential Forum on Friday with other longshot candidates Cenk Uygur and Marianne Williamson.

Phillips called Biden’s border crisis, which experts have said was directly caused by his policies, “an unmitigated, embarrassing, unforgivable disaster.”

His remarks came within the context of explaining numerous issues where he disagrees with Biden.

“The other area where I differ with him immensely is our southern border,” said Phillips. “I’ve been there twice. It is an unmitigated, embarrassing, unforgivable disaster, and Democrats, as Cenk said earlier, have to wake up to the truth.”

He warned that Democrats risked a Republican winning the White House in 2024 because his party has taken little to no action to fix what is happening at the border, saying that Republican presidential candidates are “actually listening” to voters.

“And I think it’s time that Democrats do, and I’m afraid that President Biden is at a stage where he has lost the ability to legitimately listen,” he said.

He also took a shot at Biden for refusing to participate in Democrat presidential events, saying that it was disrespectful to the voters and the country at large

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