Conservative lawmakers and groups who have endorsed Nikki Haley

Haley has secured a number of endorsements from conservative lawmakers and groups since she kicked off her campaign for the 2024 presidential election cycle.

Americans for Prosperity Action , the political wing of the influential and deep-pocketed fiscally conservative network founded by the billionaire Koch Brothers, endorsed Nikki Haley for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination in late November.

On Friday, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott also endorsed Haley ahead of New Hampshire’s GOP primary election tonight.

"America has a decision to make, and our friends and neighbors in New Hampshire have an opportunity to showcase their deep-rooted independent streak. After years of controversy, violent rhetoric and growing polarization, the very last thing we need is four more years of Donald Trump," Scott said in a statement released by his campaign.

Top Trump ally and House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Ralph Norman endorsed Haley in February last year, stating to Fox News Digital at the time, "In 2016, President Trump was exactly who the Republican Party needed at the time. For too long, Republicans had been marginalized. Then Trump came along and reminded us how to fight what we believe. We are better off now for what President Trump accomplished while he was president."

He continued, "However, the Republican Party has entered a season of change. We’re at a pivotal juncture, and most of the Republicans I know are now looking for new leadership with a new vision at the top of the ticket. Nikki Haley has that vision, and she’s going to be an outstanding President."

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