‘Clearly A Witch Hunt’: Lefties Blame ‘Racism’ For Ouster Of Allegedly Plagiarizing Harvard Prez

Embattled Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned on Tuesday, and many on the Left were quick to claim that her abrupt exit was clearly the result of racism.

Gay’s resignation came after she faced multiple accusations of plagiarism — and in the wake of her disastrous Capitol Hill testimony on campus anti-Semitism — which led to calls for her ouster from students groups and a host of others.

But Gay insisted even on her way out the door that racism had fueled those criticizing her for allegedly plagiarizing sections of more than half of her published works — and her defenders lined up to toe the same party line on X.

“This is a sad day for Harvard and academics. Please read the accusations against Dr. Gay for yourselves (see eg below)—you’ll see this is clearly a witch hunt. When push comes to shove, institutions continue to readily throw Black women under the bus,” complained Arghavan Salles.

The next president of Harvard University MUST be a Black woman,” Marc Lamont Hill demanded.

“Racist mobs won’t stop until they topple all Black people from positions of power and influence who are not reinforcing the structure of racism. What these racist mobs are doing should be obvious to any reporter who cares about truth or justice as opposed to conflicts and clicks,” Ibram X. Kendi posted. “Too often mainstream reporters join the racist mob or give it credibility—as they did in this case—just as they did a century ago.”

“Well, they got what they wanted from their well-executed plan,” added “The 1619 Project’s” Nikole Hannah Jones.

“As an alumni, I am repulsed by the conditions at Harvard right now bc it signals what is happening to higher ed as a whole: Billionaire donors & the politically-connected weaponizing anti-semitism to smear and target the moral concerns & leadership of Black & POC people. Enough,” Dr. Bernie Lim said.

“This will validate and embolden authoritarian-style attacks on diverse, inclusive, and fair education, including manufactured populist outrage and elitist political/corporate interference with university decision-making. A new McCarthyism,” said Bradford Vivian.

“So what we’ve learned is: Bad-faith bigots pretending they’re concerned about antisemitism will happily use women of color—especially Black women—as a scapegoat and lightning rod for large systemic issues,” Celeste Ng complained. “And that people invested in maintaining those systemic issues will comply.”

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