‘Pretty Amazing To Hear It Reimagined’: Social Media Explodes With Reactions To Chart-Topping Drop Of Smokey Mike & The god-king Cover

Daily Wire hosts, major influencers, and social media users reacted to Tim Pool’s surprise cover of Smokey Mike & The god-king’s hit song “Together Again,” praising the new release while quipping about their thoughts on the original song. 

Pool and producer Carter Banks debuted their cover of “Together Again” in a midnight release that hit the top spot on the iTunes chart above songs like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “No More Dream” by BTS. Smokey Mike & the god-king performed “Together Again” live at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last year during a Daily Wire “Backstage Live” event.

Pool posted on X Friday morning, praising Smokey Mike & The god-king for producing “the best song ever written.”

“It’s no surprise that we hit #1 in only a few hours,” said Pool. “Together Again by Smokey Mike And The god-king is the best song ever written. We are just riding their coattails.”

Daily Wire co-founder and Smokey and The god-king singer Jeremy Boering responded to Pool’s post, calling Pool, “A middling talent, but a truth teller.”

Boreing’s fellow Smokey Mike & The god-king singer Michael Knowles praised the cover, calling it a “masterful tribute.” 

“And just like that, I’m transported right back to the ‘60s—right back to my youth,” said Knowles. “What you’ve done here is a masterful tribute. Thank you.”

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro shared what made the song special for him, writing, “Oh man, all those amazing holiday memories of listening to Smokey Mike and the god-king on my parents’ old 78. It’s like @Timcast has made them new again.”

“Oh wow, my Dad used to play the original version on his radio show,” Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan remarked. “Nice to hear @Timcast bring back a classic.” 

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh said it was “amazing” to hear Pool’s version of “Together Again.”

“Wow I heard this song constantly growing up,” said Walsh. “My parents were big SMGK fans. Pretty amazing to hear it reimagined like this.”

Pool’s music label Trash House Records said in a press release that Smokey Mike & The god-king’s “iconic” song “captured previous generations” and is now “being given new life for today’s generation.”

“‘Together Again’ by the legendary duo Smokey Mike & The god-king–which saw an unprecedented 87-week run at the top of the Spicy 100 charts in 1967 and 1968–has long remained untouched by modern artists, which many say is a testament to its timeless brilliance and the revered, indelible mark it left on the music industry,” Trash House Records said.  

“Legendary Artists like Smokey Mike & The god-king have been largely overlooked by today’s mainstream music industry,” Trash House Records continued. “But Banks and Pool’s cover embraces the foundation laid by the duo, whose commitment to tradition, quality, and artistry was unshaken by the liberal counterculture movements of the decade — a quality often credited with their historic run at the top of the charts.”

Social media users also praised both Pool’s cover and the original “Together Again” after the re-imagined version topped the charts. 

“I remember at one time it was Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver and Together Again by Smokey Mike & The god-king. Man those were the times,” Matthew Rairdon said. 

“I feel like I’ve been whisked away back to my childhood. Sitting in front of the fire place on Christmas morning, watching mom and dad dance in the kitchen together listening to ‘together again,’” wrote X user Waffles Sensei.

“Grew up listening to SMGK on the radio because the DJ would never stop playing them on repeat on the oldies channel,” wrote Rebel News contributor Ian Miles Cheong.

Jenna Ellis added, “Amazing cover! This this brings back memories of road trips to the mountains in Colorado as a kid listening to Smokey and the god-king ON CASSETTE TAPE.”

Not everyone seemed thrilled with the new cover, however. 

“Does Timcast have no shame?” one person asked on social media. “Taking a timeless classic that we all grew up with and mucking it up with modern sounds. We call ourselves conservatives but what are we conserving?”

Pool responded, “Cry more. These haters are mad that we made Together Again Great Again.” 

Hosts of The Daily Wire’s sports show “Crain & Co.” also commented on the release of the viral song. 

“My Uncle was absolutely in love with Smokey Mike and the god king. He always said Smokey Mike was his ‘spirit animal,’” Jake Crain posted on X. 

Crain’s brother and fellow host Blain Crain said Pool’s cover of “Together Again” didn’t reach the greatness of Smokey Mike & The god-king, simply writing, “The original was better.” 

David Cone, co-host of “Crain & Co.” posted on X, “Fun fact, my parents met at a Smokey Mike and the god-king concert.”

Banks and Pool’s cover of “Together Again” is available now on thebestsongever.comiTunesSpotifyYouTube, and all major music platforms. 

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