Parents outraged after popular Netflix show for toddlers has boy dance in tutu for gay dads

'Nothing is wholesome anymore. I'm so fed up,' one mother complained on X of the Netflix show

A new spinoff series of a popular Netflix show for babies and preschoolers has some parents in an uproar after it introduced LGBTQ characters and a scene where a boy dresses up in a tutu and tiara.

In one episode segment for "CoComelon Lane" called, "Just be me," a little boy plays dress up in a studio preparing for a photo shoot with his two dads. Taking out different costumes, he asks his same-sex parents which one would look best. His dads encourage him to "be himself."

"Think about all the things you like to do; just be you," they sing to him. After dressing up as a firefighter and a chef, he dons a tiara and tutu and spins around the room. 

The clip was shared by "End Wokeness" on X where it received over 7 million views in less than 24 hours. Upset parents weighed in accusing the latest version of the well-known kids show of going "woke."


screenshot of Netflix kids show scene

Netflix's CoComelon Lane scene which some parents objected to. (Courtesy: Netflix/YouTube) (Netflix/YouTube)

Consumers' Research executive director Will Hild told Fox News Digital he was "disgusted" by what he saw as an attempt to "groom" children.

The father of two said his children had long watched the original show and never had a reason to be concerned until now.

Hild argued the episode went beyond pushing a general acceptance for same-sex families and seemed to be encouraging cross-dressing, which he believed was pushing an agenda, "given everything that is going on with drag queen story hours" and sexually explicit books in schools and libraries.

"Now they've injected a far-left woke political agenda into it in a frankly, disgusting way. I don't think the word groomer is even too far to use," he remarked.


The leader of the consumer advocacy organization claimed most shows that are open about their political activism from the start aren't successful. Media companies like Netflix realize this, Hild believes, so they have to sneak these themes into well-established shows in an "insidious" and deceptive way, he said.

He noted how other hit children's series like "Peppa Pig" have also added LGBTQ characters in recent years after gaining a significant audience.

Hild wasn't alone in his reaction. Parents on X renounced the Netflix show and lamented the trend of media companies pushing far-left social messages.

ipads screen time

Parents complained after Netflix introduced LGBTQ characters and themes into a spinoff show of a popular series for preschoolers.  (iStock)

"Wife and I have several young kids in the target age range. Never watching CoComelon again....there's better kids content out there anyway!" Club For Growth analyst Andrew Follett wrote.

Texas Freedom Coalition President Sarah Fields commented, "I got into a debate the other day when I said that all the kids TV shows and movies are being destroyed with the woke agenda. Nothing is wholesome anymore. Not even Cocomelon is off the table. I’m so fed up."

Parents also griped about the show's turn to the left on media content review site, Common Sense Media. 

"Another show ruined. Typical," Sky, a mother of a three and five-year-old, wrote. 

"Why? Why are they SO desperate all the time to ruin absolutely everything. So sad that nothing is safe for children anymore. They do NOT need the woke agenda shoved down their throats for another second! It’s a toddler show… come on that’s enough now. Aren’t all these show creators sick of losing money yet?" she asked.

"Cocomelon lane is the woke spinoff of Cocomelon. Don’t waste your time," another parent commented.

Not all parents were upset by the new content. Several parents on the website praised the show for its "diversity" and mocked the concerned parents as "homophobic."

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

This isn't the streaming giant's first time putting LGBTQ content in children's shows.

Earlier this year, a Netflix Jr. cartoon for preschoolers drew backlash for teaching kids they can identify as "nonbinary" and use "they/them" pronouns.

In February 2023, a reboot of the Disney show "The Proud Family" received backlash over a rap in an episode of the cartoon featuring kids debating slavery and reparations, arguing that America "owes" Black Americans because America "still has not atoned for" its systemic prejudice, racism and White supremacy. 

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